Consulting, marketing support and help with shade structure solutions

Got a complex shade project that has you stumped? When it comes to shade structure solutions, we know what works. We can offer advice and design assistance based on our many years of experience to ensure your project is fulfils your brief and adds value to your project.

Design assistance

Need advice on the right product for your shade structure? Do you need expert assistance with the shade concept for your project?

With decades’ experience manufacturing and perfecting our products, we know what works and can advise you on your shade structure design.

From advice on concepts to help with shade options, our shade consultants can help you design a shade structure that works for your client.


For expert opinions, quotes, or advice on the right product and help with obtaining a permit, we can assist you.
We work with architects, designers, and engineers, offering our expertise on how to make shade structures that are fit for purpose, cost effective and that look stylish.


When it comes to marketing shade products for your business, we’ve got you covered. From providing brochures and catalogues to advice on web content, we can assist with promoting our products to your customers. We also run direct to consumer campaigns through Canopi and can pass these leads directly on to you, with no cost to you!

How we can help:

  • We can pass on qualified customer leads
  • Provide tailored web content
  • Assist in developing product catalogues and pricelists
  • Provide you with samples and product information for distribution to your customers

For help with your project, talk to our shade consultants
and get expert shade structure solutions that work for you.