Design assistance

Stuck on a particularly complex project? Do you have an idea for a shade structure that you’re not completely sure about?

That’s where the design team at NuRange Products can help you out! With over 100 years of experience between us, we know what works and what doesn’t and can advise you accordingly.

We can also assist with concepts and propose shade options that will provide maximum coverage for your customers once installed. Not only will your clients be getting the best value for their money with a highly effective shade structure, it will also make their outdoor space look fantastic!

The NuRange Products design team also draw on the experience, knowledge and skills of designers from around the world, enabling us to provide you, our customers, with visually stunning, unique and hugely useful shade structures.


If you’d like an expert opinion on a project, or if you need a quote for a job you are working on, then NuRange Products can assist! When you contact us, a shade structure professional can provide recommendations for what kind of structure will work and look best for the area you are looking to cover, as well as helping you to choose the materials which will be the most cost effective and work the best.

We can also provide guidance and advice in regards to obtaining permits and other paperwork which is often required when installing shade structures.

In short, if you have any shade related queries, or if you’d just like a second opinion on ideas you may have for a project, then we are here to help—get in touch with us today!

Marketing assistance

We’ll help you take good care of your business—from helping you produce custom printed promotional materials, to assisting with content for website and e-blasts. We’ll provide you with regular marketing and business tips from international experts that you can easily implement in your business yourself to start producing even better results than before!

While we operate pay as you go options on segments of marketing, some clients like to have a monthly budget we work within to deliver key outcomes.

We can:

  • help design and print brochures
  • assist with e-blasts to your customers
  • provide web content that is tailored to suit your site
  • help develop product catalogues/pricelists for your products
  • provide samples & product info for distribution to your customers

If you need this, we'd love to talk. You become one of our elite clients, with a dedicated account manager who will ensure you receive the very best in service.