Ever scratched your head and wondered how to draw up a shade sail or membrane canopy on your computer? Sometimes we have an idea in our minds but stuggle to explain it to our customer or colleague. Or you might wonder if that idea of yours will actually work in real life. 

Well here's a secret to sketching shade sails and tensile membranes like a professional - it is quick, simple and free.

Formfinder is the program and it's as easy to operate as a sheet of paper and a pencil.

The aim of Formfinder is to assist architects and project planner in the design, planning and cost-effectiveness assessment for the implementation of tensile membrane structures. Tensile membrane structures are made of flexible non-rigid materials ranging from, for instance, a simple awning to "textile facades" and the roofing over sports stadiums. The FORMFINDER software generates a productive dialogue between the client, the architect, the structural planner and the manufacturer of the materials used. 

Follow the link below to see a demonstration video and find where to download the program. (this will take you to the Formfinder website)

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