Summer is nearly here! Let’s head outdoors…

With a long awaited Spring finally here after a cold winter, its time to look at why we need to spend more time out of the office. The benefits are amazing!


  1. Stress relief

Want to improve your mood and ease anxiety and depression? Get outside! When you can, make an effort to spend time in a truly natural environment to relax and reduce stress. This practice has been shown to promote relaxation, lower cortisol levels, slow pulse rates, and reduce blood pressure. Just cool it!

  1. Happiness

Light tends to elevate people's mood, and there's usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up, so if being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it might also mean more smiles.

  1. Better vision
  2. Improved concentration
  3. Sharper thinking and creativity

What’s the best thing you can do if you’re having trouble finding inspiration for a creative task or trying to solve a complex problem? Get outside and take a walk. This will shift your perspective, get your blood flowing, and get your creative juices moving.

  1. Increased vitamin D levels

Getting outside means you’ll spending time in the sunshine. Soaking up the sun allows your body to make vitamin D, which helps protect against osteoporosis, heart disease, and certain cancers. But remember to respect the sun or seek the shade - just like over eating, too much sun can be harmful!

  1. Improved mental health

Ever come back from a weekend jaunt to the mountains and feel totally rejuvenated, even if you’ve got sore legs from a long hike? That’s because simply spending time in Mother Nature can revitalize you. Spending time outdoors for as little as 20 minutes per day makes people feel more alive.

  1. Reduced risk of early death

Lets get outside to promote longevity. This can be done through recovery from stress and attention fatigue, encouragement of physical activity, facilitation of social contact and better air quality as well as nature’s positive effect on mental health.

What are you waiting for?

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