Custom made Sandpit Covers to fit your sandpit or sand box

All NuRange Products Sandpit Covers are designed for an easy fit, made from materials that look smart, and last a decade.


  • Bungee Edge

Secure fit options – we can provide the most secure sandpit covers. Bungy cord edges ensure that all the sides are held down firmly keeping ALL animals out. You can also choose to have strong webbing loops sewn to your cover so that it can be screwed down to prevent theft. These are optional extras so please consult with us on what option suit you best.

  • Chain Edge

Easy fit options – throw on chain edge style make these the easiest to fit sandpit covers on the market. You can literally just pull it off when you need to use the sandpit, store it in a bag or shed for the day then lay it back over the sandpit when you have finished, pull it out to the edge of the pit and you’re done!

  • Non-shrink Fabric

So you don’t have to worry about it shrinking over time and not fitting. The fabric used has been tried and tested and has proved to hold it shape and size over many years unlike many other types of sandpit covers that shrink quickly and soon become too small to cover the sand.

  • Safe for Children

100% breathable fabric for children’s safety. It also has a very smooth nonabrasive finish.

  • 5 Year warranty




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