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Shade sails are aptly named for their sail shape and shade providing function were designed to provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and comfort from mid-day heat. A shade sail is usually made with a knitted fabric and is suspended from 3 or more points.

Shade Sails by NuRange Products are available for purchase through our growing global network of approved agents. Please email your enquiry to [email protected] and we will respond to you with the contact details of your nearest distributor. Please note that NuRange Products do not sell direct to the end user – any enquiries will be referred on to one of our dealers.

Yes, we do. NuRange Products currently has dealers in the USA, France, England and Australia. Shade sails for our international customers are manufactured in New Zealand and then delivered by international courier. If there is not an agent/reseller responsible for your international location, then feel free to deal directly with our New Zealand headquarter office. If you are interested in becoming an authorized international resellers and agents for NuRange Products, then please contact us HERE to get things underway!

Yes, we can quote off a sketch plan provided there are sufficient measurements to determine the size of the sail. A photo (preferably digital) of where you intend to fit the sail can also be very useful for visualizing your requirements.

The majority of our shade sails are manufactured in New Zealand, with hardware and Classic Shade sails being imported.

Because we are a New Zealand-based company, our preference is for all measurements to be provided in metric (i.e., metres, centimetres and millimetres). However, for international customers, we can covert imperial measurements (i.e., yards, feet, inches) if this is the only measurements you can provide.

Typical measurements that we like you to provide on sketch plans include length, height and width of the area you want to cover. If the area you are going to cover is an irregular shape, we also like you to provide additional measurements, which can include, for example, the height off the ground of any deck you are wanting to provide shade cover for, as well as distances to boundary lines of your property.

One last important matter to include on all sketches and diagrams is a compass direction showing North and the direction of the sun at midday or when the sun causes the greatest problem. These notations help us to approximate the sun’s direction and determine where shadows from shade structures will fall.

If you have any queries regarding the measurements we require, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you out!

Accurate measurements are vital to ensuring the sail fits and can be correctly tensioned. However, for the purpose of supplying a quote, accurate measurements on your part are not as important as final measurements before manufacture of the shade structure. Accurate measurements cannot be taken until the attachment points, such as eyeplates,, eyebolts and poles, are in place. Once the attachment points are fitted, measurements in millimeters (mm) from each point to each point are required.

Not all the fabrics we use are 100% waterproof – however, we offer a PVC option which will block out the sun and rain. The mesh fabric most shade sails are made from will keep off rain from light to medium showers; although a fine mist may seep through during more heavy rain.

This depends on the size, shape and style, but all of our shade sails are designed to handle winds up to 100kph (80mph) provided they are properly installed and tensioned. We recommend taking your shade sail down if winds in your area are going to exceed this rating (i.e., cyclone, hurricane or typhoon).

Shade sails by NuRange will last at least 15 years, and sometimes even longer depending on the conditions it needs to withstand. It’s a good idea to clean the sail perhaps once a year using a very light water-blaster, but we don’t recommend you to use any harsh or abrasive cleaning products. Please note that warranties may vary depending on materials used etc.

Of course! Dealers can order sample swatches and cards HERE or contact us and we will direct you to your nearest dealer.

Shade fabric blocks between 70 – 90% of direct sunlight, however because shade sails are overhead they still allow plenty of soft ambient reflected light.

This depends on your own local Council policies. Always check with your local Council before installing any shade sail.

Readymade shade sails (Kool and Maxx Series) are generally dispatched within 2 days of the order being received. Custom made shade sails are dispatched within 5-7 days of the order being placed. Delivery times will vary depending on the location the sail is being delivered to.

PLEASE NOTE – if you require your shade sail to be completed by a certain date or sooner than our usual delivery times, then simply contact us to discuss your request and we will be happy to accommodate!

Shade mesh is porous, which means that wind and rainfall filter through it. Shade mesh used by NuRange Products will block up to 95% of UV radiation. A shade sail is also much lighter than a tensile membrane, and therefore needs lighter weight support structures. A tensile membrane is completely waterproof, offers 100% UV protection and is a lot more heavy duty than a shade sail. Tensile membranes also require much stronger anchorage systems than a shade sail.

An extensive selection of swatches can be supplied for all our cloth options, featuring the most up-to-date colours and materials. Please view our Shade Fabric page for specs and colours of our most popular fabrics.

Most shade sails are constructed using a woven mesh shade cloth. These materials will block out up to 90% of UV radiation and are also partially water resistant. Different colours have different shade ratings – these can also be viewed in our specs library.

If complete protection against water and wind is required, then a PVC tensile membrane is a better choice. For waterproof designs, we prefer to use Ferrari®’s Precontraint® Color Design 502, or PVC by Hiraoka which are 100% PVC products that offer outstanding dimensional stability and exceptional levels of mechanical strength over time. For waterproof sails that are wider than a standard roll of fabric, we seam-weld all joins to ensure integrity and strength of the finished product. The sail is stretched between fixing points situated at different heights to make sure that water is not trapped by the structure. Rain tracks can be incorporated into the design to direct water run off to desired areas. We can also accentuate the difference between the high and low fixing points, giving the sail a distinctive twisting shape to further improve rain runoff.

Comprehensive installation instructions for our readymade shade sails can be downloaded HERE.

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