Ever scratched your head and wondered how to draw up a shade sail or membrane canopy on your computer? Sometimes we have an idea in our minds but stuggle to explain it to our customer or colleague. Or you might wonder if that idea of yours will actually work in real life.  Well here's a … Continued

How to create the ultimate courtyard garden in 8 steps

1 Soft touch Plants are often an afterthought for small outdoor spaces but they’re essential for softening all those hard surfaces. They’ll have the same impact on the overall design of your courtyard as cushions and curtains do inside. Use low groundcovers to create a living border between walls and ‘floors’, or along the edge … Continued

Built Sunshade in New Zealand Public Spaces

New Zealand has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Internationally, the provision and use of shade is considered a key strategy in the prevention of skin cancer, but there has been little research undertaken on how well shade canopies in public spaces provide UVR protection for their users. This research examined six … Continued

Shadetex 320 adds unique colour

River Sand is the latest addition to the Shadetex 320 range. This is the same colour as Desert Sand but with a dark fleck added. You can view the full Shadetex 320 range here. Like the rest of the Shadetex 320 mesh it is available to purchase by the meter as well can be made into custom … Continued

Project Profile: Mangawhai Activity Zone

MAZ  (Mangawhai Activity Zone) was an idea conceived by a group of likeminded, forward thinking Mangawhai residents with the concept of getting children off the streets and out of the shops and providing a place where all ages could meet, exercise or relax while having some great fun outdoors. MAZ Charitable Trust  was established in … Continued

Always grease turnbuckles when installing

No doubt a lot of you would have experienced the threads seizing up when you are tightening a turnbuckle. This can be caused by a number of factors including inconsistent or rough threads, tightening too fast and heating the steel or simply that you had forgotten to apply thread grease. By applying lanolin grease to … Continued

Summer is nearly here! Let’s head outdoors…

With a long awaited Spring finally here after a cold winter, its time to look at why we need to spend more time out of the office. The benefits are amazing!   Stress relief Want to improve your mood and ease anxiety and depression? Get outside! When you can, make an effort to spend time … Continued

Using Textiles to Create Solar Power

When a single US infantry battalion spends more than $150,000 on batteries per year wouldn’t it make sense to have recharging solar powered energy? Using solar panels to recharge batteries can dramatically reduce the weight and expense associated with these batteries in the field. These amazing cells power all the war fighters individual or small … Continued

Buying a Shade Sail - What YOU need to know

Buying a Shade Sail - what YOU need to know   Over the past few years, shade sails have become a very popular and practical shade solution because of their versatility, stylish looks, cost effectiveness and the low level of maintenance they require when installed correctly using quality products. Shade sails can be used in … Continued